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Author Verratti is waiting for Barca’s offer Geschrieben am: 27.05.2017 um 04:40



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According to the Spanish media, "World Sports Daily" news, Villati is waiting for Barcelona and Paris high-level meeting, once the team from the Catalan to Paris offer, he will personally as a lobbyist to persuade Paris, and For the other team's invitation, Villati is not interested.
Paris this season has lost the old lead in the French, in the French championship dispute lost to Monaco, and in the Champions League knockout is 4-0 lead in the excellent situation was Barcelona reversed. And it is in view of these two points, many Paris star and leave the team together, and Verati is one of them.
Villati hope to leave the news also attracted the attention of many giants team, the Premiership Chelsea, fut coinsfut coins the Bundesliga Bayern and Serie A Juventus and Inter Milan are linked with Villati, Chelsea coach Conti and Bayern coach Anchorage Lotti are the Italians, and Juventus and Inter are from the Villati's motherland, in many media view, Villati in the summer window to leave the team to the effectiveness of the four teams is not small. Of course, in many giants, Barcelona is also one of the options.
It is reported that Villati in Paris and several of his teammates recently said he will continue to stay in Paris next season, but the understanding of Villati's people know that Villati is very concerned about Barcelona, fut if joined the Barcelona , He can not only play with Messi, but also have the Champions League championship. Not only that, Barcelona's many players also think that Vilati's style of play with Barcelona is also very co-production, Messi and Harvey has repeatedly praised the midfield, and in the season against Barcelona in Paris, the game, Tower is facing some Paris players said, Villati is his successor in Barcelona.
In addition, if Barride succeeds Enrique as Barcelona coach, he also hopes to introduce a midfielder like Villati, and will not introduce such an atypical midfielder Kutiniao, and on The media hot DiMariya joined Barcelona is difficult to achieve.
Spanish media "World Sports Daily" said that the current heart of only Veraca Barcelona, he has indicated that their agents do not contact with Chelsea, Bayern and Juventus team, but also do not contact with Barcelona, fut coinsfifa ultimate team coins he did not want to self-marketing, But waiting for the offer of Barcelona. Once Barcelona and Paris high-level negotiations on their own transfer, Villati will be at the right time to go to the Paris presidential showdown, ask the boss to let him leave.
It is reported that next week Villati will go to Spain's Ibiza Island vacation, and in the holiday, he will always pay attention to the movement of Barcelona, "World Sports Daily" said that next week for the transfer of Villati The key to the exception, let's wait and see.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 22.11.2019 um 00:20



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