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Author why i love loud music Geschrieben am: 10.05.2019 um 08:10



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Loud music relieves stress

Found in the inner ear is the sacculus (pronounced as sack-you-less) that has direct connections to pleasure centers in the brain. It releases endorphins when stimulated by loud music, so listening to loud music is essentially self-medicating.

The sacculus particularly likes low frequencies (bass, basically) above 90 decibels, according to the research of Dr. Neil Todd. Funnily enough, at one point in time it was believed that the sacculus had no real purpose. Little did they know that it’s responsible for the joy we find in music! See here to buy essays.
A song sounds better when it’s played loud

There’s so much music and so many songs out there. A lot of these reach a level of complexity that just cannot be appreciated at low volumes. Simply put, when playing loud music, the details become easier to pick up.

Usually, being able to hear more details and picking up different sounds means the music sounds better. After all, that is how the artist created it – all little details included.

This is part of the reason many audio engineers and people mastering songs have tinnitus. After years of wearing high-end headphones and blasting songs at an increased volume to make sure the mix is just right, they have permanent hearing damage.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 07.11.2019 um 19:10



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