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Author Obviously RuneScape gold expect this Geschrieben am: 15.01.2020 um 08:16



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Mod kalaya RuneScape gold kayala? Something, introduced a"fix" for celtic knots which was utterly disastrous. It massively increased the time it takes to complete them for users for those utilizing alt1 while changing nothing and changed the design. Clues are a no go area today, I gave up on cluing due to those 2 changes. There is a theme here to look closely at jagex, screen readers have gotten insanely powerful and instead of doing something to promote legitimate users, you're basically just programming around them which compels legitimate users to put their accounts in danger and start installing third party software because you have lost the ball, you refuse to undertake a duty to do something which has always been yours.

Obviously I expect this to be downvoted and disregarded as it's at every chance in the past I just think that it's really gross the mindset you've taken on this, it is just outright"fuck the runescape gamers" or even"we aren't going to do anything so just risk your account lol". Really disgusting attitude, and you've destroyed clues for a lot of people with it.As much as I would really like to ask more anti-alt1 measures to bring back some integrity to treasure trails, I feel the best plan of action is to include more QOL updates. If TTs are in a more healthy and runescape participant place, then a transition will probably be easier to enact.

I get downvoted into oblivion anytime I voice my 3rd party solvers remarks that are anti. So if we cut to the root of the issue of why runescape players utilize them at the first place and what kind of QOL could help diffuse those problems, then I believe more runescape players will be less"REEE do not ban alt1"So you are really pissed for Jagex making elite clues a little more random? You want to chill. Elite clues should be difficult to solve. Completing an elite is not assumed to be a 2-3 minutes long walk in the park.I'm not Jagex, but I sure am going to buy RS gold downvote you to get the mindset that you show lol.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 02.06.2020 um 12:00



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Obviously rune scape gold expect this geschrieben, What are the things which showing the limit for gold and also telling us run scap gold expect with essaypro review that thing which is just be described here. What are the aspects which you show in these mention pages.

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