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Author Singer Tory Lynn Releases First Song 'Wacuka' Under American Label Geschrieben am: 14.04.2020 um 21:16

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For Tory Lyn, "staying positive goes hand in hand with being creative."

That's what she said in an Instagram post on Monday (April 6) while creating awareness for her new song. The record, tentatively titled Wacuka, was released amid the coronavirus crisis.

The shy beautiful singer featured in the Kenyan TV show called I Can Sing with an angelic voice and warmed hearts through her vocal prowess. Her dynamic voice allows her to create melodies that cut through you like razor with so much pleasure and unusual ambivalence.
She had since earned her spot and got signed to an American music label Mpact Muzik where she is ready to rock the waves with her new single accompanied by exemplary visuals.

Its video shot in the beautiful sand beaches of Diani, Kenya is a feast to behold as it has a montage that echoes through time where “Wacuka” melts your heart as Tory Lynn sings about a beautiful Kikuyu lady that has the whole village longing for her with beauty and charisma.

She rises up as the next breed of beautiful able musicians to grace our world and this song will soothe your heart if not make you fall in love.

The video was shot by the award winning video director Crizo Mzeyah.
Check out Wacuka Video

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