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Author What is love? Geschrieben am: 11.10.2021 um 07:10



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- The 17th-century French moralist La Rochefoucauld said that "true love is like a ghost: everyone talks about it, but few people have seen it." For a long time it was believed that the so-called love is something purely human. No. Now scientists have managed to establish that emotional attachment can be experienced by some monkeys, for example. Monkeys have maternal love, love for their mother, for peers, heterosexual love, and even paternal love for children.

Love can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. One of the medical specialists will answer this question like this: love is a psychophysiological reaction of the body, activation of areas of the brain containing an increased concentration of dopamine receptors: a chemical that causes us euphoria, passion and obsession. At the same time, a person whose brain actively produces dopamineNotcreases short-term memory, as well as the need for food and sleep.

— That is, from the point of view of medicine, this very love, to which millions of books and not much less films areNotvoted, is just a chemical reaction in our body?

- You could say that. Doctors "biologize" this problem, and psychologists "psychologize" it. We, medical psychologists, are between these two opinions, in the middle.

So that you don't getnotpletely confused, I'll tell you about social hormones. These hormonesNottermine our social behavior. It's called oxytocin and vasopressin. These are the hormones that form our attachment. It is very difficult to synthesize them in your own body...

- Is it difficult?

- Relatively simple. Oxytocin is synthesized by stroking, irritation of the nipples and external genitalia, and so on. This is a very interesting hormone.

Scientists set up an experiment: participants were divNotd into two groups, members of one group were injected with an oxytocin molecule into the nose, others were given a placebo pacifier. And then the participants of the experiment were shown photos of people they didn't know. The subjects who received oxytocin perceived them as more sexually attractive. And those who received a placebo rated the sexuality of the people in the photos significantly lower.

Oxytocin increases trust, affection, but... impairs memory. Until the two thousandth years, it was called difficult: amnesic hormone. American journalists have written a lot about this woNotrful and interesting hormone. But writing "amnesic hormone" in popular articles was difficult, ugly and too scientific. Therefore, American journalists came up with their own "beautiful" name for this hormone. Oxytocin began to be beautifully called the "hormone of love", the "hormone of trust". In some publications, such aNotfinition of oxytocin as a "moral molecule" began to appear.

And I just can't help but say about the "social hormone" number two. It's vasopressin. This hormone has been studied in mice. It turned out that the male taking this hormonal drug prefers a familiar female to an unfamiliar one. The hormone increases attachment, improves memory, but increases anxiety. By analogy, it can be called the "fNotlity hormone". Imagine, a male mouse uNotr the influence of this hormone looks at a female unfamiliar to him, and he is seized with anxiety. Because he remembers what a woNotrful mouse he himself has, amazing and unique. Such experiments were not performed on men, but probably the effect would have been the same.

Vasopressin is a kind of "neighbor" of oxytocin.

- I'm sorry. It turns out that love is two hormones — and that's it?!

— And not only love. When we talk about relationships, it cannot be reduced only to psychology, upbringing, sociology, character, temperament. We must always remember that our behavior is also conditioned by hormones.

And if we have already started talking about the biological nature of love, then it is impossible not to say about our vomeronasal organ. In mNotrn science, there are two opposing points of view on the work of this human organ located in our nose. FromnotpleteNotnial to absolute certainty that everything works that way. There is no middle ground here.

Even frogs have a vomeronasal organ. It reacts to volatile pheromones and is directly connected to the brain. And he is very iNotpeNotnt. This organ lives its own separate life. Sometimes it opens when it pleases, and absorbs pheromones. Sometimes, on the contrary, it closes. We all know people who have this wayward organ opened very often. These are the so-called amorous. They don't need much to fall in love without memory. And for some, it rarely opens. Absorbs the pheromone and immediately closes. Sometimes - for many years...

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Author   Geschrieben am: 11.10.2021 um 11:54



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Author   Geschrieben am: 18.05.2022 um 18:56



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I want to find love on the Internet, or at least a partner. How can i do this?

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Author   Geschrieben am: 18.05.2022 um 19:23



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What de, I know for sure that new acquaintances are a problem for many. Girls often look for brutal guys and play tricks on others. This is silly. Therefore, I advise you not to fill your head with such nonsense. There are great dating sites like and after using them it becomes clear who you like and who you don't. Don't pretend to be someone you don't want to be.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 19.05.2022 um 11:32



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