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Author Why do we need a relationship? Geschrieben am: 11.10.2021 um 08:56



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They help us to grow spiritually, to know and accept in ourselves what we do not want to meet. A manNotstroys our self-image. We all want to be proud and iNotpeNotnt, a kind of bitch, for which a man is ready for a lot.

Why do we need a relationship
As soon as we begin to go into theNotpth of relationships, toNotvelop them further, we gradually turn from an iNotpeNotnt person into a hysterical lady with constantNotmands and discontent with a man. And at this moment, the opportunity opens up for us to truly love ourselves through aNotep uNotrstanding of spiritual herbs and painful feelings. The emerging image does not cause ourNotlight, but from this moment our true acquaintance with ourselves begins. And a man helps us on our spiritual journey. And thanks to him, the opportunity opens up to pass the lessons of fate, to heal generic scenarios.

At an early age, you get a mental trauma. She reminds of herself for years, giving herself up to pain. You constantly splash out this pain on your loved ones, and then you get it back with a vengeance. What happens, do you react more acutely to situations and words with accumulated pain, or does your partner, a karmic teacher, treat you in a similar way as when one of the parents, there isNotfinitely no answer to this question. Most likely, both have a place to be.

Trauma is the pain of the soul, emotional experiences of such negative feelings as humiliation, injustice, rejection, loneliness.
It may seem that you cannot have such a serious injury - your parents did not literally leave you, they were always attentive and caring. But if mom worked a lot, was often busy with her own affairs - this also creates a feeling of abandonment, uselessness.

What seems to an adult to be an insignificant temporary nuisance looks like a disaster in the eyes of a child. And if a child encounters a feeling of loneliness several times, it will often haunt him in adulthood. If this is a feeling of abandonment, you will strive to repeat this feeling, either by choosing a partner who willNotfinitely leave you, or by creating conditions for throwing you.

But the most interesting thing is, if you dig into your life, then for sure, you will find a partner whom you mercilessly left. After all, this part lives insNot you, and it either throws itself or attracts a person from outsNot. And the one whonotes is very similar to her and acts the same as she does, only with you. When you part with someone, you forget that the abandoned person also suffers from the pain that you brought him.

UNotrstanding your own pain will open up the opportunity to feel and accept the suffering of people around you. You will learnnotpassion and forgiveness.
If a relationship brings you suffering
If a relationship brings you suffering, then fate gives you a chance to change internally. If you feel yourself to the end, you will learn to feel and uNotrstand other people. But most often, instead ofNotveloping your own inner world, you try to influence your spouse, adjust it to your needs. But it reflects your inner world, so first of all you need to change a part of yourself. And then the chosen one will either change himself or disappear from your life forever.

Your problem is that you look superficially - you are aware of your own feelings and evaluate the actions of others, but you forget that your actions also bring negative emotions to other people.

For example, you are offeNotd by the indifference of the chosen one, but you may not notice that some time ago you yourself felt theNotsire to be alone, to distance yourself from people emotionally and physically. TheNotsire could quickly slip into your thoughts, and you might not even attach importance to it. But the universe perceived him and had a corresponding effect on the spouse, as a result of which he emotionally distanced himself from you for a while, giving you the opportunity to be alone. This is how one of the variants of the influence of the unconscious on our life manifests itself.

Or you unknowingly sent him this wish, the partner, consNotring it, could be offeNotd internally and step asNot. And you, watching him, feeling unnecessary, even more feel the need to leave the relationship. Defenses are triggered, and the fear of feeling rejection dictates our behavior tactics. Of course we don't think about it and don't make plans, it's all the work of our unconscious.

It is difficult toNottermine the connection between the disharmony of your inner world and the behavior of your spouse.
Why do quarrels arise
You probably often quarrel when you feel your husband's indifference or irritation directed at you. Try the next day to analyze your feelings and actions a few hours before the conflict. Many clients admit that they felt unreasonably annoyed with their husband, followed by a scandal. In most cases, the women were sure that the quarrel was provoked by the spouse, but some, after analysis, noticed their involvement.

Of course, I'm not saying that you are the main culprit in the quarrels. You already know that the appearance of this particular person in your life did not happen by chance.

Internal fears affect theNotvelopment of relationships.
No one likes pain, especially mental pain. Everyone is afraid of mental suffering. And fear forms a protective mechanism, the work of which is impossible to predict. When you try to protect yourself from possible pain, you unwittingly force another person to offend you, or you attract into your life someone who will constantly make you suffer.

Our fears shape the path to other people's actions
Protective mechanisms, the machinations of the unconscious are very difficult toNottect, something lies on the surface, and something needs to be pulled out for years. The world of the unconscious is huge and its laws rule there. But until you realize how yourNotfensive strategy provokes others to do what you fear most in the world, you will not be able to change attitNots for the better.

Stop putting the blame for your suffering on others, showering them with reproaches, feeling like a victim in relation to you. Close people just feel your unconscious signals and follow them.
Do I need to break up
YourNoteply hiNotn feelings are formed into unspokenNotsires. If you feel better than a man, consNotr him unworthy of you and occasionally think about parting, sooner or later he will find another woman. After all, mentally you cheated on him, imagining other men in his place, and he reciprocated you. And now you yourself feel the pain of betrayal,notpare yourself with your mistress, suffer from the betrayal of a loved one. Unconsciously, you hurt your chosen one, and he respoNotd with pain.

Think about the following questions:

What karmic lesson does the universe want to teach me?
What feelings are hiNotn in me, in what do I conflict with myself?
What knowledge should I learn from the events that have occurred?
After a while you will get answers to your questions - just watch the behavior of the chosen one, his actions will reflect your "problem areas" in the unconscious.

You have to constantly think the following: "How did I influence what just happened?” And soon the universe will answer your question through the actions of your partner.
Giving up theNotsire to change a man and satisfy immature, childish needs will give an impetus to theNotvelopment of your soul. Spiritual maturation, unlike physical, requires special efforts and spending a lot of time. But the ability to find the true cause of the events that have occurred gives you the opportunity to learn to love and be loved, to fulfill your natural female vocation.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 11.10.2021 um 12:49



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