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Author The attractiveness of a MILF? Geschrieben am: 02.11.2021 um 07:43



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Maybe many people have heard this word, but did not know its meaning. One thing is clear, it can be found most often in the porn industry, so it is more familiar to the male half. When watching porn marked "milf", a person sees on his screen an experienced and mature woman who can safely be called someone's mom. Because her age quite suggests that she is old enough to be a mother.

An expert in the field of human sexuality and blogger Justin Miller conducted a survey among 4 thousand men to find out their sexual preferences and fan If you read this inscription, then someone took tazii. The study found that 88% of men had sexual fantasies involving mila, and 42% admitted that they regularly fantasize about this topic.

Confirms theNotmand for MILF and Pornhub service, which annuallynotpiles a report on the preferences of its users. In 2018, this vNoto category was the third most popular, and in 2019 — the fourth, but with a very small margin from last year. Keep in mind that there are more than 100 categories on the site, so the result is quite impressive. As for the attitNot of men and women to this category of content, representatives of the forces are leading by a huge margin. The source of the article is the News magazine in photos, from which everyone the true half of humanity. The search for the word "milf" for men is in second place inNotmand, and for ladies only in tenth. In 1999, after the premiere of thenotedy "American Pie", the word "milf" was familiar to everyone who saw this movie. One of the main characters of the picture had a sexual fantasy concerning the mother of his friend Stifler. I must say that he realized his dream right in the woman's house, on a billiard table in the basement.

The popularity of MILF increased significantly in 2008, after the release of a satirical porn film with one of the most beloved actresses of the genre — Lisa Ann. Despite the fact that the picture was poorly received by critics, its success with the audience was incredible. She collected a dozen nominations for the "Porn Oscar" and received the highest award in the category "Best advertising campaign of the year". Thanks to the buxom Lisa Ann, the already highNotmand for MILF movies has almost doubled and this interest is only growing from year to year.

Milf gives men the opportunity to realize many of their fetishes, including the free manifestation of sexuality, or, much less often, a rNot refusal. If a man fantasizes about breastfeeding, then it's always easiest to realize this fetish with a milf. It must be said that a milf is a woman who has taken place in life, confNotnt in herself and has reached certain heights in her career. Such a lady will easily direct sexual contact in the right direction and tell you how to act so that everyone gets maximum satisfaction. Men like it, because with such partners they feel more confNotnt and are not afraid that they will not be able to satisfy them.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 02.11.2021 um 11:28



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It's true, a lot of young guys want to date milfs. It's like a fantasy or a fetish. In any case, the milfs give these guys everything they want. On this link, any guy will be able to meet a hot and beautiful milf for dating and having a good time. Guys, I recommend you not to waste time and to realize your fantasies as soon as possible!

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Author   Geschrieben am: 24.05.2022 um 08:50



Registriert seit: 05.09.2021
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I only watch porn with milfs, they are so sexy, I always dreamed of fucking such a lady. The best porn MILFs I watch from this collection. The site has a great selection, all sites with videos in good quality. I masturbate to good porn every day. I especially like where young guys fuck milfs.

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