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Author Is the US conducting a cyber-attack on Russia for invading Ukraine? Geschrieben am: 02.08.2022 um 18:00



Registriert seit: 28.01.2022
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Almost certainly in some way shape or form. That is information that will not make it into the public sphere as it would be highly classified.

Russia is not likely to disclose an American (or any other nation) cyber offensives as it would reveal weaknesses and loss of capability.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 02.08.2022 um 18:12



Registriert seit: 26.12.2021
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Hi. Thank you for this question. I agree with what you said about Russia unlikely to reveal the secret it hides from its own citizens. No one from Russia wants to know the truth and does not even try to find out the truth in order to be more aware of the whole situation. If I am not mistaken, ukraine prepares potential sensitive data to massive attack on various Russian online services. I have a sister and she lives in Ukraine. She told me that even teenagers are conducting cyberattacks on Russia. This is fascinating!

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Author   Geschrieben am: 05.08.2022 um 11:17



Registriert seit: 22.06.2021
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<a href="">informationen</a>

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