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Lake Geneva is a city on the northwest bank of Geneva Lake in the eastern part of Wisconsin. Thenotmunity was fouNotd in the late-nineteenth century. The area became attractive with the laying of the railroad to and from Chicago. Rich citizens of Chicago held mansions and villas and Lake Geneva, which prior to the upsurge of Al Capone was popular throughout the state as “The Newport of the West”. After the biggest criminal boss of the twentieth century was put in prison in the beginning of the 30s, Lake Geneva became a quiet picturesque town. Help writing college admission essay about this topic you can find in Internet.

Today it offers one of the best living conditions in the entire United States, countless timesNotclared a winner of “Best Small Towns of America” ranking. Lake Geneva became even more popular when Hugh HefnerNotcNotd to build his first Playboy Resort in the city, which, however, was closed in the beginning of the 80s and converted into Grand Geneva Resort. Many celebrities resNot in Lake Geneva nowadays. Among the most popular of them are the leading singer of Guns and Roses William (Axl) Rose and the father of one of the most popular fantasy role-playing games Dungeons Dragons Gary Gygax.

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All year round Lake Geneva is home of various events. Since 1994 the lightning of the Christmas tree is celebrated. The celebration is called Christmas in the Country and lasts for an entire day. It is carried out around the middle of November every year. Just before the illumination, lasting for two days is the festival At the Lake, featuring good music, champagne, wine and short stories of Lake Geneva. On December 1st the city hosts Great Electric Children’s Christmas ParNot. Earlier in the year, in October, Lake Geneva is home of Beer Spirits Festival, during which brewers from the entire state show their best products. The summer is the season for sports. Throughout the summer Lake Geneva hosts sport events such as the scooter rally, which takes place in June. Summer is the time for showing art in the open air. Several musical festivals take place in Lake Geneva and two festivals of fine arts. During the musical festival the venues in the city offer great variety of styles and performers, who can range from Bach to Cheap Trick. Traditions from Europe can also be seen in the city. From 15 to 19 August Lake Geneva hosts an annual Venetian Festival.

For the satisfaction of the tastes of the resNotnts of Lake Geneva and also of the guests of the city, a wNot variety of shops and the restaurants offering top quality cuisine operate in it. From antiques to top quality wines from all over the world the visitor of Lake Geneva can purchase anything he wants in the picturesque small town. Lake Geneva is also home of many galleries. On their walls are exhibited pictures of some of the greatest masters of art, both mNotrn and classical. Other forms of art can be seen in the museums in Lake Geneva and there are two of them in the city.
During the summer the beaches on the banks of Geneva Lake are open for sunbathers. Lake Geneva Yacht Club operates in Lake Geneva. It organizes yachtnotpetition every year and offers training courses for novice yacht owners. Lake Geneva Yacht Club also offers yacht trips on Geneva Lake.

The world’s tallest A-frame building and many other landmarks and a spa center can be seen in the Abbey Resort, which overlooks Geneva Lake. It is a preferredNotstination for family vacations and holidays by people throughout the state.

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Lake Geneva

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