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Gentleman - The Selectiion Live Tour 2019

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Gentleman Live in Freiburg

The Sick Arena in Freiburg was almost filled to its capacity when Germany’s prime Reggae Artist, Gentleman, touched down on 08 May 2018 as part of his Select Live Tour 2019. The event was supposed to have taken place last year in November, but had to be moved. That did not deter reggae music lovers from attending, especially the diehard fans of Gentlemen, who seem to have grown and matured together with their icon. The hall was packed with patrons of varying age groups which included the youth and the older generation of reggae aficionados who, interestingly enough lined up the front row.

After more than 20 years in the music industry and having performed shows worldwide including South Africa, it was impressive to see him oozing with that youthful energy and vibing so effortlessly with the band and the audience including the security personnel. At some point he did the atypical, he thrust the microphone on one stage security guy and actually got him to sing along and join in the bit of fun. When he performed his hard hitting songs that got him international acclaim, he jumped off stage and joined in the crowd and became part of the audience.

There was a special treat of hearing him sing in his native language, a rare treat, as he has always sung in English or Jamaican Patios throughout his career. One cannot help but wonder how it is that he never put out material in his German before. Most were not even impressed by the lyrics, but rather the fact that he sang in German language.

The special guests accompanying him on Tour was long time collaborators Daddy Rings and Martin Jondo who blazed the stage and the Freiburg rapper Malik also joined in the fun on stage.

The highlight of the show had to be the appearance on stage of the Legend, the Queen of Reggae Ms Marcia Griffiths who toured with Bob Marley as one of the backup singers. She joined Gentleman on stage and together they gooved to some old skool reggae vibes.

It would be amiss not to mention the backup singers who provided the melody and soothing up the rough edges. Treesha, who is also a solo artist and Tamika who is Gentleman’s wife, was given much stage time and Gentleman showered her with affection through a series of kisses and hugs.

Overall and enjoyable concert which drew a decent crowd considering it was a week day and that there had been a postponement of the event. It shows that Gentleman is still holding the throne of German Kings of Reggae.


Yours Lerato

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