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Duane Stephenson and Jah Lil Live - Exile to Dreadites Europe Tour 2019

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Duane Stephenson and Jah Lil Live in Lahr

Wake the Town and tell the People, Mr .August Town is coming to Town. The date is set for Sunday 19 May 2019 in Schalchthof. The real roots Reggae warriors and Dancehall soldiers will descend at the Savanna Bistro in Schlchthof come rain or shine.

Duane Stephenson who rose to fame with the timeless hit, August Town, has been serving reggae listeners with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics which endeared him to many a reggae fan. His latest offering, an album titled Exile to Dreadites will be released by VP Records and Duane is on a promotional tour of the album. He is joined by fellow Jamaican artist, singer and songwriter, Jah Lil who has an exceptional voice delivering inspirational messages. The two have been serenading the European masses with their respective hits like ‘Ghetto Pain’ ‘Think Twice’ ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘One Wrong One Right’ ‘Cross Road’ ‘Walk Good’. The tour kicked off in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and will wrap up in Lehr at the Savanna Bistro on Sunday, 19 May 2019. Duane Stephenson will return to Germany in August for Reggae Jam.

The Exile to Dreadites Europe Tour is brought to you by Rockers Artists Agency together with World-A-Reggae Ent. The show starts at 22:00 and there will be a Meet & Greet session just before the show.

To Miss is to Diss.

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