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New Single from KEIDA & PUPPA J - What We Are

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The rhythm inspired Jamaican star with a powerful voice, Keida, whose rendition was first recorded at the Big Yard studio and later added to by a session in Sauna Studio when she performed in Tampere, Finland. While Keida is known for her hit singles like "Jamaican Boy" and "Ganja Tea", she also features on the latest Christina Aquilera -album. The finnish part of the song is performed by the biggest name on finnish roots reggae -scene, Puppa J and his energetic style compliments the whimsical Keida wonderfully. Puppa J is well known for a plethora of collaborations with different finnish artists transcending musical genres, his solo records and his presence in ensembles such as Jätkäjätkät, Laulurastas and Liljan Loisto. The rhythm itself was recorded in Finland with the help of professional musicians.

About JOJ Sound
JÓJ SOUND is a collective made of three lifelong friends. The musical style is based around the know-how of a reggae disc jockey Selecta Minus Half, which is boosted by the expertise of producer Forceby and Oratour Forceman. The uniquity of the sound is guaranteed by the three vastly different ways of approaching the Caribbean rhythm music coming together in perfect harmony.

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Tags: New Single from KEIDA & PUPPA J - What We Are



#1 von Deutschland CharlesMileham
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Geschrieben am 17.11.2021 - 12:44