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Brand New Track: Mystikal Man "Freedom" | Mystikal Man Records

Gepostet in: Musik

Mystikal Man returns with a second single called "Freedom". The theme of this song is about freedom, because for him: "it's time to break our chains, whether mental or physical. But first it is a questioning about ourselves, that we must give ourselves. We live in too many false shemats, our society is sick, asleep due to corruption."

For Mystikal Man it is time to act, people are not victims but actors of our actions! The text of "freedom" encourages people to ask the right questions to finally take back their lives in hand and to change! This autumn, a beautiful album of 14 tracks entitled "Back to the roots" will be released on CD & digital!

A singer from Brittany (France) and a pair of turntables, "Mystikal Man" has performed throughout France and abroad for 7 years now. A multi-faceted artist, he is a singer, selecta, composer and producer! His style goes from reggae roots to raggamuffin, the themes talk about the system and its bad sides, but also encourage to unify the people. He talks about his own life experiences. Mystikal man, it's a powerful music accompanied by a flow reggae, ragga. In order to provide a message of unity and make people dancing.

Long-time reggae fan, his mission is to carry a universal message of unity to everyone. A unique and peculiar style that transmits great energy on stage. Mystikal man has also surrounded himself with renowned artists as for the recording of the title "Change" in collaboration with the Jamaican artist "Perfect Giddimani". A lot of other projects are going to happen soon, so stay tuned. He will make you travel in his universe for the greatest listening pleasure.

Listen to Docteur the first extract from the Album: Back To The Roots.

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Tags: Brand New Track: Mystikal Man "Freedom" | Mystikal Man Records



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