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New Tune by Mr Williamz "Voodoo Nana" | Street Rockaz Family

Gepostet in: Musik

Brand New Big Tune by Mr Williamz "Voodoo Nana" produced by Street Rockaz Family available now.


This is the brand new production from Street Rockaz Family Label.

Based on a famous and powerful Soul sample, the TK riddim is Rockaz Familiy strong new creation based on a heavy hip hop beat. It is the Street Rockaz Family signature and Mr Williamz was the perfect artist to record on it.

Mr. Williamz hypnotic toasting style echoes old school, and he often mentions Super Cat as an influence.

His crossover style between various influences -reggae, ragga, hiphop - perfectly goes to this brand new riddim.

Musicians : Street Rockaz Family
Format : Digital
Release Date : 03rd of July 2020
Label : Street Rockaz Family

Listen to Voodoo Nana
Available on all Digital Music Platforms

geschrieben am 30.06.2020 von Lerato um 19:45 Uhr

Tags: New Tune by Mr Williamz "Voodoo Nana" | Street Rockaz Family


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