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Once Upon A Time
Titel: Once Upon A Time
Interpret: Down Low
Einstelldatum: 19.01.2009 um 00:52
Eingestellt von: Aeffly
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Aufrufe: 466
Once Upon A Time – Down Low

All alone without you, yeah, so alone
So alone, all alone without you
Until that day I see you again
I stand alone your long-lost friend
Can't wait to see your face again
I'll be here for you my friend

Seems like thru life problems, pleasure and pain
I've always been here and I will remain
Remembering the days and the times we shared
If you needed me, yo! I'd be right there
But now your all gone and I'm here all alone
And now I must face life on my own
I wish you could be here to hold my hand
Some things in life I can't understand

What I'm gonna do without you?
Why did you leave without me?
Sometimes love comes randonly
but now it abandons me
Every morning I wish I could see your face
Now a quiet vold lies here in your place
And 'till that day I'll see you again
Death do us part, your long-lost friend


Share my chains, share my cost
Take my pain, take my lost
And if I could turn back the hands of time
We would be here together now in our minds
Forever in my thoughts shall your vision run
Till the end of time till times undone
This world is dividing us and can't provide for us

But still I believe I'll reach that day
And when I come up, around your way
Always have a place reserved for me
And where I deserve to be
And If I seem to be lost in the storm
Forgive me by and by and keep me norm
Cause 'till that day I see you again
Death do us part your long-lost friend