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Never needed you

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Titel: Never needed you
Interpret: Torica
Einstelldatum: 13.05.2009 um 03:23
Eingestellt von: sweety_heart
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Aufrufe: 448
Ohhhhh ..

Don't know why it took so long for me to see the truth you were hiding from me
You had me fall for somebody who I didn't know 'til it was too late to see (too late to see)

I just can't sleep
No more heartbreak
and I won't waste another day
Gonna miss me when I'm gone
This is me moving on
I'm better off alone

I bet you thought that
I would be broken
Drowning in my tears because of you
Now that it's over
I'm getting closer
to the girl I was before you
I won't regret it,
I learned from you
Won't make the same mistake again
And now I realize
You opened my eyes
Show me the truth
I never really needed you

(never, no, I never really needed you x2)

Since you moved on I find myself ne'er missing you at all (Does that surprise you?, surprise you at all)
Throw out that room card [?]
'Cause I would've been stuck
in a dented relationship
So glad I did (Oh..)



(never, no, I never really needed you x2)

I just can't take (another heartbreak, no)
And I won't waste (another day)


(never, no, I never really needed you x4)