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80 Miles away

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Titel: 80 Miles away
Interpret: Mrs X
Einstelldatum: 14.06.2016 um 23:45
Eingestellt von: Alec
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Aufrufe: 659

Wake up with heavy headache – oh is it really morning?
Just wanna hug you, honey, but you are not in sight.
Oh, is it really true, cause all in me is burning,
Starting to realize what happened in the night.
Why did I kiss that guy, oh I`m so sorry honey.
He was so cute and smart, he took me by the hand.
Why did I leave you alone at that boring party,
How could I leave with him, forgive me if you can.

Hey I´m so sorry, honey, take me back again.
Hey, I´m so worried, please, allow me to explain.
It was only one kiss, But it can´t be undone.
Should I stay, should I run?

Refrain: I´ll tell him to stay 80 miles away…
To stay away from me… Oh how could it be?

Why did I kiss that guy, oh, I´m so sorry honey.
Can I forget his eyes, can I forget his smile?
Darling, I swear to behave, our life can be so funny,
And I´ll meet him today… to send him to exile!
Sometimes to lose control is such the right decision
Sometimes you have to release, to have it back again.
Sure to slide on the life is just a simple vision,
But if you can´t change things, is better to unchain.

Hey girl what´s goin´on
D´you know whom d´you belong
You´d left me all alone
You did me wrong
You´ve drunk too much Bacardi
And left me at that party
Take your Bugatti
Come back my hottie

Refrain: I´ll tell him to stay 80 miles away,
To stay away from me… Oh how could it be?