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Author Reason to buy jewelry with black diamonds Geschrieben am: 16.12.2022 um 01:35



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Black diamonds offer an unparallelednotbination of beauty, quality, and value that makes them Notal for anyone who wants their jewelry to stand out from the crowd. Black diamonds are unique in that they don't need much cleaning or maintenancenotpared with traditional white or colorless diamonds.

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Author   Geschrieben am: 16.12.2022 um 10:51



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The main advantage of black diamonds is their deep, mesmerizing, saturated color. It comes from the inclusions of graphite. Unlike colorless diamonds, black ones do not shine so brightly, as they do not reflect light, but on the contrary, absorb it. That is why they are often set in dull white or rose gold settings. The setting contrasts with the color of the stone, enhancing its magical beauty. The placer of black stones reminiscent of the depths of the cosmos; not coincidentally, there is an opinion, supported by the small depth of deposits, that they appeared due to the fall of meteorites. Such jewelry is better to buy at . One should keep in mind that real black diamonds, which by nature have this color, are extremely rare. This determines the extremely high price of jewelry with them. Most stones are enhanced: brown and yellow diamonds are heated or irradiated to get a deep, rich black color.

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