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Ras Mc Bean & Soulcraft New live video - "Time Is Money"

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Serbian roots reggae band Soulcraft, led by lead-singer Ras Mc Bean, released their third single ‘Time Is Money’ from their current album ‘Reggae On A Mission’. The band plans a tour across the Balkan region during November, and the first of many upcoming performances is scheduled for November 29th in Belgrade, Serbia.

"This song represents a satire on our modern capitalist society and the fast pace of modern life. Ras Mc Bean & Soulcraft entered 'Studio Blaze' in Belgrade during July 2019 to record a live session, and the song 'Time Is Money' was chosen as a third single and our next video release”, said Slobodan Djukic, the band’s guitarist..

Slobodan Djukic, guitarist, and Vladimir Krkljus, keyboardist, wrote the music for ‘Time is Money’ during the preparation of the album ‘Reggae On A Mission’, mid-summer 2017, while lead-singer Ras Mc Bean is the author of the lyrics. The video was shot in summer 2019 by Boris Usanovic and Vasil Vasev, and edited by Adriana Tanaskovic and Janko Pjesivac.

Soulcraft was founded in 2013 by prominent Belgrade musicians Dejan Utvar (drummer), Vladimir Krkljus (keyboardist), Slobodan Djukic (guitarist) and Damjan Cirilovic (bassist), and released two albums along with trombonist and lead-singer Hornsman Coyote: ‘Hornsman Coyote and Soulcraft’ in 2014 and ‘Safe Planet’ in 2016.

In May 2018, the band teamed up with reggae singer Ras Mc Bean from Guyana, currently living in Paris, France, to prepare and release the album ‘Reggae On A Mission’ for the record label Ammonite Records, from which two songs and videos stood out - ‘Boots Tracks’ and ‘Give Thanks For Life’

Video "Time Is Money"

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