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Wrong When You're Gone

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Titel: Wrong When You're Gone
Interpret: Keri Hilson
Einstelldatum: 30.08.2011 um 12:35
Eingestellt von: Sue
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Aufrufe: 525
Woah, oooh...
Oooh, oh...

(Verse 1:)
Guess I should've shut my mouth,
but I had to get it out.
So much for being head-strong.
Now I'm,
goin' halfway out my mind.
I know I was out of line.
No, scratch that I was dead wrong.

But I know I should've let it go,
but I just had to be right. (Oooh)
Could've left it alone,
but no I just had to be right.

Swear I, would've fell back if I knew all I'd be left with
is these shoulda, coulda, woulda cuz you're gone.

Now, I'm out here trippin'
cuz you came up missin',
and my head keeps spinnin'.
It's gettin' outta control.

I'm backin down this time.
I don't wanna fight.
I don't care who's right.
Cuz, I'm wrong when you're gone,
When you're gone. (yea....)
Feels so wrong when you're gone,
when you're gone. (yea..)